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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Watch those "Big- Box" Campuses

Well I visited Wal-Mart today and when I was checking out I asked the cashier how he liked Wal-Mart he said: ”Well it is OK, I don’t mind working here. I get paid better than my friends that work on the campus.” (now he did not say which campus and I did not ask.)

I went on to ask about benefits and he said he worked part time but that he had not work a full year yet so he was not eligible for benefits yet. It did not matter to him since he was still covered by is dad retired military. He told me that fulltime employees can get it in a matter of a few months of starting work. Now do any of the campuses pay ANY part time employee benefits, I don’t think so. T.V. “Re-Run” Reed you need to get after these “BIG Box Campuses”.

So now we need T.V. “Re-Run” Reed to get his dog and pony show after those “BIG Box Campuses” and just let the companies that pay completive wages alone.

PARD – Please let our town grow, drop your appeal now for the best of Pullman & Whitman County.

1 comment:

Ray Lindquist said...

Oh, I forgot one thing -- Thanks to PARD more tax dollars went out of the County.

PLEASE drop your appeal PARD, Now.