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Thursday, September 08, 2005

New (Almost) PARD Web Site

This evening, I found a web site in my hit counter that linked to this blog. As the URL was from PARD's domain (pullman-ard.org), I was naturally intrigued. I clicked on the link and discovered the prototype version of a new PARD web site. The site was taken offline shortly after I announced its existence. Ooops. The "double-secret prototype" wasn't so secret after all.

It contained all the same old tired neo-socialist drivel, unfortunately. For example, the main page titled "Welcome to PARD" stated: "Whether you are for or against the Wal-Mart coming to Pullman, please consider the goal of our organization..." Don't worry, T.V., we have considered the goal of your organization, and that is why so many Pullman citizens are foursquare against it.

The link to my blog was under "Related Pages" and was titled "Boob." The comment was not flattering, but I do appreciate the increased traffic the link has brought. Thanks guys! Although this is probably what people were expecting to see when they opened it. Click on the picture below to see the link as it appeared on the prototype "Welcome to PARD" page.

See, even though PARD says their purpose is "a more open process to bring in more input from Pullman citizens", they apparently only want input from people that agree with them. Anyone else, they ridicule and marginalize. For a bunch of PhDs, it's disappointing that they can't even come up with a witty pejorative.


Saedoc said...

This screen shot is of a non-public site used for private development only by developer. It’s content is not for public view nor does it reflect any views of PARD.

Tom Forbes said...

I guess the developer didn't realize the "private development" was not so private after all.

The screen capture was taken at a time when the site was wide open to "public view", without any password restrictions or other security controls.

Would you have us believe that this prototype was developed without PARD's knowledge and includes views they don't support?

Ray Lindquist said...

Saedoc, That seems a little off the wall the one of the most prominent pieces of text is "Welcome to PARD". How do you figure it is not public?

Saedoc said...

Simple. Look a the address bar in the picture. It says "prototype" as part of the addess. Further it states quite plainly in the red banner running across the top that "This site is in development and testing." Obviosly the site is not intended as public and the "boob link" is for the amusement of the developer.

Cheryl Keeton said...

For the amusement of the developer, saedoc?! How old is he, 12? Sounds like PARD is in need of a new webmaster....one that can actually keep a prototype site private and one that has a bit more maturity than Beavis and Butthead.