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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Washington GOP Backs I-912

Over the weekend, the Washington Republican Party Central Committee voted to endorse I-912. I-912 is the initiative on the ballot for November that will repeal the 9 1/2-cent gas tax passed by the legislature back in April. No New Gas Tax!, the organization that is supporting the initiative did not ask for Republican support, but was happy to get it. The Republican Party can can now contribute funds. The state Libertarian Party is also backing the initiative.

I'm proud my party for taking a stand. We discussed I-912 a couple of weeks ago at Whitman County Central Committe meeting, and everyone supported it. Several RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) from the west side did vote for the tax. Dino Rossi, the once and future gubernatorial candidate, has been non-committal on I-912.

The 9 1/2-cent gas tax only shovels more money into the hands of people in King County that have already squandered millions and millions on the monorail and other transportation boondoggles. And what do we have to show for it? Seattle was recently listed as having the worst public transportation system in North America. It's certainly not for lack of money. Washington has one of the highest gas taxes in the country.

We in Pullman don't need to pay for Seattle's waterfront beautification project (i.e. the Alaskan Way Viaduct) just because the "Governor pro tem" yells "Earthquake!" If an earthquake is such a concern, why hasn't the Viaduct been closed already. Why isn't some of that big tax surplus we just heard about being applied towards it? Why not make the Viaduct a toll road and let the users pay for it? Plus, this gas tax does virtually nothing to improve Pullman's roads.

Other states are putting a moratorium on their gas taxes in this time of national crisis and record high gas prices. Olympia is not only NOT suspending our gas tax, it is raising it. Talk about bad timing. I'm not against improving our infrastructure, but until the state shows they can spend the money responsibly and equitably and not on these pork-barrel, special interest (i.e. union) giveaways, count me out.


April E. Coggins said...

Has anyone else noticed that Pullman resident Joan Harris, anti-Walmart, anti-golf course activist, is now asking the voters to vote no on I-912?
She is a Socialist who would not object to higher prices, as long as the government kept all of the profits. Joan believes a Liberal government is more efficient than American free enterprise. This type of thinker ignores history, and underestimates her fellow citizens. We should all be insulted.

Tom Forbes said...

I noticed that Joan Harris got her facts wrong. Not surprising for a liberal. She said she wouldn't mind paying the extra 3 cents a gallon. It's actually 9 1/2 cents a gallon that I-912 will revoke, plus extra car tab fees based on weight that won't be repealed by I-912.

She also conveniently forgot to mention what Pullman's take from this gas tax: Maybe a few hundred thousand for guard rails and "other "safety enhancements". No floating bridges, viaducts, tunnels, ferries, or fish runs here.

If I-912 is rejected, Ms. Harris should immediately move over to Seattle if she wants to reap the benefits of the gas tax.