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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Election Results - Updated with Mail-In Ballots

As of September 21, 4:01 PM, with 55 of 56 precincts reporting:

Proposition 1 - Whitman County Adult Jail and Juvenile Detention Sales and Use Tax

YES 2,590 votes 54.42 %

NO 2,169 votes 45.57 %

City of Pullman; Ward 3 Pos. 3

ANN HEATH 236 votes 52.09 %

DONALD HEIL 38 votes 8.38 %

JUDY KRUEGER 166 votes 39.07 %

Voter turnout was a paltry 18%.

So, Proposition 1 passes by a fairly comfortable margin.

More importantly Ann Heath polled more votes than her two opponents combined. Even if Judy Krueger gets all of Don Heil's support (such as it was), she faces an uphill battle. Guess the trolley idea didn't excite too many voters. It's still pretty close, though. Ann will need our help in November, when as expected, she will face off Judy Krueger once again.


Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

I thought Prop 1 had to have a 60% pass rate in order to be adopted.

Tom Forbes said...

I had wondered that myself SHW #1, but I think the 60% only applies to levies and bond referendums (like the ones for the new Lincoln Middle School and new Pullman Regional Hospital that came up up every year until they passed).

Ray Lindquist said...

Tom - Now that they have thier fancy new Pullman Regional Hospital will they start to repay the city the tax $$ they got from us to build it. We pay to build it, we pay to use it... what is wrong with this picture??

Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

Amen! The school district will soon be asking for money to renovate the high school. If we don't get something in to keep our tax dollars in Whitman County and Pullman I will have to vote that down as well.

Tom Forbes said...

Yes, I think we remember all too well the Moscow school levy earlier this year. The weekend before the vote, the Daily News ran like EIGHT pages of letters to the editor.

A big high school levy battle like that here could make the Wal-Mart issue look like a Girl Scout cookie sale. I think most home owners would much rather have a Wal-Mart and more retail than even higher property taxes.