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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Return of the Know-Nothing Party

Gotta love some quotes from Caitlin "Carpetbagger" Ross in today's Evergreen:

As a younger candidate, she does not have preconceived ideas or loyalties in the government, Ross said. So she would be an ideal candidate to consider different ideas and look into what is working and what needs to be changed, she said. “My age: not an issue,” she said. “My age is an advantage because it’s different.” Ross said she has been frustrated by voters questioning her age, and said that if people are old enough to be sent off to war at 18, she is ready to get involved in government.

“I realize she’s young, but what impressed me was her mind,” [Whitman County Democrats Chairwoman Carolyn] Cress said. “She really pretty well knows her stuff. She will be a great public servant.” Ross said that if she’s elected, she will represent Eastern Washington while learning how to get involved in the whole process of being a state representative.
"Really pretty well knows her stuff?" Why not run a eight year old girl from Lithuania who doesn't speak English? She would really have no preconceived notions. That could be a huge advantage.

I do agree that age is not Ross's problem. Her problem is her ultra-leftist views and complete lack of any life experience that would make her even vaguely qualified for the office. I'm voting for someone to represent me in Olympia, not some page "learning how to get involved in the whole process of being a state representative."

Proof she is out of touch with 9th District voters?:
To expand programs and services,government needs more taxes simply used wisely, she [Ross] said.
Another example is her odious ad running on local radio attacking Steve Hailey for supporting I-933. Ross claims on her website that she is for preseverving family farms. If that's so, then why not support I-933?

Steve Hailey is lifetime farmer and rancher who is a member of the Washington State Cattlemen's Association, the Washington Farm Bureau, and the Washington Wheat Growers Association, all of which have endorsed I-933. Caitlin's agricultural experience is that she has had her picture taken in a wheat field. She apparently is oblivious to the fact that 54% of Eastern Washingtonians support I-933. I'm sure the numbers are even stronger in the 9th District. She lists among her qualifications the ability to "listen to people." Are people telling her on the campiagn trail to attack I-933? I don't think so. No, she is marching to the beat of Maria Cantwell, Dal Lamagna, Big Labor, and the other far-left radicals supporting her campaign.

Ross's ads are probably doing as much good as any ad in support of I-933 could. It will remind voters that no help can be expected on property rights from the Democratic-controlled Legislature and therefore reinforce the need to pass I-933

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April E. Coggins said...

I am curious about a couple of things. Do you think the Daily Evergreen will give Republican Steve Hailey equal time?
And I wonder why we aren't seeing poll numbers for this race?