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Friday, November 03, 2006

Lighter News

I encourage everyone to watch Jeopardy tonight. A WSU Employee is on. Last night he won $20,001 and is the returning champion tonight.

His name is Dave Meddish. Dave is a very nice and outgoing guy. He plays softball on my IM softball team. He pitch us to victory over a team that had never lost a game in IM history.

Last night several of us from the softball team watched the show and cheered him on to his victory!

Good Luck, Dave!!!

UPDATE (11/03/06 @ 1930 hrs):

Dave won again tonight so he will be on the air again next Monday! Keep up the good work Dave!!! Ironically they had a subject about alcohol. I wonder if the producers did that on purpose. :)


Dale Courtney said...

You lost me with the comment about alcohol.

Scotty said...

They had a subject called something like booze-apolusa.