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Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Kerry's Remark: Right either way"

If you're outraged by John Kerry's insults to our troops, just wait until you read the Seattle P-I's hamhanded defense of the doofus:

It doesn't matter. Kerry was right either way.

Kerry wasn't saying -- regardless of the Republican spin -- that our troops are stupid.

Kerry's intended point was obvious. President Bush didn't do his homework before he ordered the invasion. He didn't study the intricacies of Mideast religion, culture, politics and tribalism. He wasn't smart about it and we are stuck in Iraq.

Although there are plenty of well-educated people in our armed forces -- Kerry was one of them -- military service has long been an opportunity employer for those with less education and fewer skills than they need to work in the private sector. Indeed, the military sells itself as a place to garner skills and to help pay for higher education.

And wars, including this one, are often fought by those less privileged -- albeit no less smart -- than the sons and daughters of those who lead us into them.

Apologies? Sure, from the cut-and-run Democratic candidates who've cancelled appearances with Kerry.
Unbelievable. What a stunning, unabashed example of the liberal, elitist views held by those who inhabit La-La-Latte land. I'm embarassed to be in the same state with those cretins.

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Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I'm embarassed to be in the same state with those cretins.

You should try walking through SEA-TAC airport in an Army class A uniform. Ugh. Nothing but evil eyes left and right from those types. At least they hold the spit these days.

As for the article, there's that "priviledge" word I've come to hate so much. It's the new slur for the "correct" racism (featured prominently on our own campus). Going into the Army, I didn't have much going for me, so I was one of the "underpriviledged" these types think they speak for. But now that I've gotten some years, experience, and capital under my belt, these same people look at the color of my skin and scream "priviledge!" What a load.

And as always, they fully disregard the fact that many soldiers, regardless of their socio-economic background, are there because of their beliefs. But of course, that's the "wrong" set of beliefs, so it's ok to keep slapping them around and demonizing them (*coughkerrycough*).

Maybe I should reenlist. It would almost be worth it to do so just to kick sand in the eyes of these morons.