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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Daily Evergreen Supports Horter.

New style in office would help county, students

Nathan Horter is a different kind of candidate. His credentials and age of 24 aren’t those of someone who would run for county auditor.

That is what we need. Whitman County needs a new style.

Within the past few years, voting in the county has become purely absentee. We need polling places on campus.

The voting system in Whitman County must cater to all residents – students and others. Currently, students have a tougher time voting, and Horter – as a recent college graduate – could help address those concerns.

Horter stated he would also push for large citizen participation in budgeting and processes, including more transparency. The people of Whitman County need to know and understand what their government is doing, and Horter could be the one to facilitate that connection.
Here is my response, E-mailed today.


The Daily Evergreen's endorsement for County Auditor shows that the staff does not have a full understanding of the position of Whitman County Auditor. Elections is just one small area the auditor oversees. In fact the auditor is a manager of staff, not the person who runs elections. The Evergreen staff based their opinion on the best person for the position based on elections. You failed to give consideration to the actual role of the auditor as a manager and department head. As someone who oversees licensing, legal filing, payroll, accounts receiveables, as well as elections. When you take into consideration the whole job, and not one aspect of the job it is clear that Eunice Coker is far and above the best qualified person for the job.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

Isn't Horter the kid who looks like Napolean Dynamite or is it the kid running against Mike Largent?
I am not surprised by the bias in the Ever-socialist-green, looks like half of their staff are members of the campus democrat club.