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Thursday, November 02, 2006

ABC Political Chief Halperin: 70% of Media Will Vote Democratic

Big shocker here:
ABC News Political Director Mark Halperin, by the way, says well over 70 percent of the people working on his network's political coverage are liberal, and would vote Democratic. Halperin tells radio host Hugh Hewitt that the preponderance of liberal thought in media organizations is an endemic problem and he says it is why quote, 'for 40 years conservatives have rightly felt that we did not give them a fair shake.'
Kind of makes you wonder what's wrong with the editorial board of the Daily Watermelon. They only endorsed 60% of the Democratic candidates in the 5 contested races today, although in all fairness they did come out against I-933 and I-920, as well as supporting I-937. This in a county where over 62% of voters cast Republican ballots in the primary.


April E. Coggins said...

It's another clever Carl Rove manipulation of the voting process. The Republican's pay the editorial staff of the Daily Evergreen to endorse the liberal Dem. That way the locals will vote just the opposite. It's a secret signal. Shhhhhh! Don't tell.

Nuge said...

Despite all the liberal journalist grunts on the front line, it's usually conservative bosses that make the editorial decisions.

As far as newspapers go, most are run by conservatives. And I'm talking about local, community papers, which are the backbone of American journalism, not the metro dailies that make the big headlines.

So maybe another "big shocker" here - maybe for Tom, from whom I appreciate coverage kudos from time to time - is that I am fairly liberal socially and tend to lean Democrat most of the time.

However, traditional journalism is a different matter. I have to be conservative, in the sense of being cautious, and err on the side of correctness. When that comes first, I find it hard to inject my own social beliefs (not that I care to).

I do inject my own take on a situation sometimes, which is different than a liberal or conservative slant, because I do get to talk to all six sides of the cube and make connections. That's why I get paid the big bucks. :) It's likely that this is where some journalists take more liberty than others.

Tom Forbes said...


I forgive you! I am a recovering Democrat myself.

You truly define journalism excellence for the Palouse, because of your ability to cover ALL sides of the story and ESPECIALLY because you don't inject your own views or agenda (though some commissioners may disagree!). Your stories (and Joe's) on just about any issue are much more thorough than any of our other local newspapers. And you guys keep the local pols honest. No one else is doing that.

Keep up the good work!