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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Congratulations To The Spokane Spokesman-Review Part II

Once again, this morning's Spokesman-Review Sunday comic page has Opus on it front page. Not every newspaper in the country has that kind of courage.

And congratulations to all newspapers who did not permit themselves to be intimidated into self-censorship. The Opus cartoon strip of death was again witheld from publication by numerous newspapers nationwide.

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true_slicky said...

Can you explain how the Spokane Spokesman-Review was "brave" for publishing this comic? Is the Spokane a hot-spot for Muslim immigrants? I'm sure that played a factor for the paper in making its weighty decision on printing it...

Of all the outrage concerning this cartoon, 90% is from conservatives regarding content, and 10% is from liberals regarding censorship. 0% is from Muslims. Hm.

Was the SSR "brave" or other papers "stupid?"