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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Palousitics Group Lunch

I have been thinking about something for a while and I would like to see what everyone thinks about the idea. Back early 90's you may have heard of the "Rush Room" or something like that were people would gather for lunch and listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Along those thoughts, I would like to do a regular lunch get together for those of us Right-thinking people where we can catch up with each other or talk local politics. Of course all would be welcome, because that is just how we are.

My proposal would be either to have a weekly or monthly lunch. We will gather for lunch and talk about the great things happening on the Palouse and keep in touch with each other.

Hit me back with E-mails or post comments here about your thoughts. I would like to get a consensus about the best day of the week. Keep in mind SEL gives free lunches on Fridays and my radio show is on Mondays. Leave information whether you would rather do it weekly or monthly, what day of the week and time of day we should hold the lunch, and other ideas. Use the E-mail address crier@cityofpullman.com.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Sounds like a good idea! Wednesdays are generally good for me, if I'm not covered in mud by lunchtime (happens fairly often!).

I'm running short on time here though. If I haven't mentioned it before (I honestly can't remember on this), my company is transferring me to Walla Walla soon, probably at the end of April. I'm the only single guy without kids in the company, so moving me is pretty easy math. That and I have demonstrated an ability to sell new accounts and drum up business in general, which is what is needed out there by my employer.

That reminds me - is Walla Walla part of the Palouse?

Scotty said...

The part of Walla Walla you're in is part of the Palouse!

Michael said...

I'd be up for that, but I can't say that any day is better than any other. My schedule is rarely flexible. I grab a lunch break (usually at the gym) whenever there is a break in my work that allows it.

Michael said...

Just wondering Paul, how is the giant Burmese python problem in Walla Walla? Has anyone's dog been eaten yet?

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...


No pythons so far - it's getting cooler out there. But I'm now working on the side at an SUV dealership, so I'm working on that. I WILL be the first licensed WSDA licensed pest control operator to bring down a python on the job!

Tom Forbes said...

I think it's a great idea! Let's get one planned quickly before Paul leaves town.

Ray Lindquist said...

Any day would be good for me. I would agree that we need one before Paul heads out. Maybe the day should rotate to some degree so it will be a day for others that won't work on another.