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Monday, March 17, 2008

"What is sleazy at this point is the latest Democratic maneuver"

So says the Centralia Chronicle with regards to the latest Washington Democratic Party attack video on Dino Rossi. The Chronicle takes great exception to having its front page altered in the video, which also makes use of pirated local news footage. Read the whole thing.

*sarcasm on* God knows, the Washington Democrats have never politicized a tragedy in this state. *sarcasm off* Anyone remember 3 years ago when the Democrats and their allies were using both the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and Hurricane Katrina to scare the publicn into voting against I-912 which would have repealed the 9 1/2-cent gas tax? Then there was a fortuitous (for the Rats, anyway) landslide at Snoqualmie Pass that killed some motorists. Give me a break.

This latest Rat garbage makes it absolutely clear that they are a party without any ideas other than attacking anything the Republicans put forth; a bloated, blundering bureaucracy that has been in power far too long and will resort to anything to hold on to that power.

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