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Friday, March 21, 2008

Whats in that water?

What is this water, well I am not sure to be right up front with you; but it seems the news is getting that something more than water is in the water. Here is a clip from a CNN article on this: Pharmaceuticals in the water are being blamed for severe reproductive problems in many types of fish: The endangered razorback sucker and male fathead minnow have been found with lower sperm counts and damaged sperm; some walleyes and male carp have become what are called ....
The whole piece can be found HERE and then another one over at NYT can be seen HERE. I hope you enjoy the reading of those but now lets bring this dog home to the Palouse, we just had a nice winter and bless their hearts the road departments did a great jobs considering all the snow we had. But they must of sprayed thousands of gallons of that di-icer on the roadways. Which at some time in the very near future will start to show up in these tests that have been done to find what pills mom & dad have been drop down the toilet or sink. Now think about it for just a minute we put how much of that down the sink or toilet just a VERY SMALL amount and we can find traces of it in our water. What is going to happen when we drop THOUSANDS of GALLONS of something most people would never want to drink.

I think it is time to go back just to sand and gravel, I would put up with a little dust vis the effects of some of this stuff. I have stated here before that ALL the water we are going get is here. We don't get any new deliveries and we have no drain, off the planet Earth, what we got is it PERIOD. We had better start making some better choices with what we put in the ground and in the drain systems, it will be back in time, at the faucet.

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