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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moscow-Pullman Daily News to Start Blog Sites

Dale Courtney over at Right Mind noticed that Dave Oliveria posted this at Huckleberries Online:
Editor Steve McClure of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News called this morning to ask about newspaper blogs. Seems the Moscow-based paper is going to dip its toe into the blogosphere and Steve was interested re: what we're doing up here. He blurks at Huckleberries Online occasionally. Good guy.
Here is the comment I left on Dale's blog:
Agreed. The Trib blogs are really bad, unless you're an American Idol fan. Total fluff. It has its place, but let's have some hard news too.

The Spokesman does it up right. Dave is a good guy. I urged Nathan Alford to pursue blogs at Dnews.com two years ago as a way for the reporters to provide more coverage and insight on local issues.

It is interesting to note that the Spokesman does NOT allow comments on its online version, only through the blogs. And HBO DOES moderate offensive/spam comments and bans users after being warned (as do you and I, Dale).

I'm guessing based on the open sewer the Dnews.com online comments section has become (which I also warned Nathan about), Steve is looking at better (and perhaps more legally defensible) alternatives to remain competitive with us in the New Media.
Good luck with the blogs, Steve. But unless you get the trolls under control, you'll still have the same problems.


Scott M. said...

Something tells me they are jealous of your blog.

Tom Forbes said...

Nahhh. I'm not interested in competing with them and I'm pretty sure they are not threatened by me.

I would agree, however, that newspapers all over the country face declining subscriptions and budget cuts as the younger generation tunes in to the Web, turns on to blogs and other online news sites, and drops out of print media.

Scott M. said...

But Tom, why don't the local media ask you about certain news stories? Everybody knows you're the biggest local political commentator. They never seem to mention your blog at all ike there jealous of you.

Tom Forbes said...

I never think about things like that. I just keep typing away at my keyboard and hope good things happen. I'm always amazed that anyone reads it at all.

Personally, I'd trade my blog for a Wal-Mart Supercenter for Dot Kimble and the other Wal-Mart seniors. I'm not in this for the glory (or aggravation.)