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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dinesh D'Souza Diversifies Washington State Campus

On Tuesday March, 25, 2008 I had the privilege of attending one of the greatest speakers to ever step foot on the WSU campus. After months of the planning the WSU College Republicans were finally able to confirm that we would in fact be bringing one of the brightest Conservative minds in America to our campus (with much thanks going to the Young America’s Foundation). We decided to use a lecture hall that seated around 225 people where Mr. Dinesh D’Souza would give his speech titled “Racism is Not the Problem”.

After a great dinner with Dinesh and a select group of the CRs at the Old Post Office, we made our way to the lecture hall where I would be giving the introduction of our special guest. As I walked in into the room I was unsure as to how many people were going to attend this event, but when I saw the entire room packed and students sitting in the aisles I knew that all our hard work had paid off, there must have been around 250 people curious to hear what this man would say.

Mr. D’Souza started off his speech with a bang, getting the crowd into it with some funny and witty commentary and then jumped right into business. D’Souza talked about the race issues which affect America today and mainly how Affirmative Action is actually racial discrimination in itself. Of course anyone with a brain already knows that Affirmative Action is a policy that is considerably outdated and unfair to those who are better qualified for let’s say a job, but do not get the job because a person of color with significantly less qualifications gets it on basis of race and “political correctness”. Mr. D’Souza gave great examples of this “reverse discrimination” stating that you don’t see Koreans or Jews filing lawsuits because there are not more of them in professional sports. Professional sports teams pick the best athletes regardless of race, how come most other jobs then use Affirmative Action policies then? Should whites or Asians go to court because there are fewer of them in the NBA than there are blacks? Shouldn’t the point of any job be to find the best qualified person regardless of skin color?

Mr. D’Souza gave so much great information based on facts and reason rather than emotions, which many people in the crowd used to get into heated discussions with D’Souza after his speech. The one thing I was thinking during the entire question and answer session was that D’Souza has the advantage here even if 95% of the crowd hated what he said because everything he said in his speech was true. These Liberal students likely did not realize that this man who just spoke before them is a true scholar, someone much smarter than anyone in that room. Any question or argument that his detractors were going to have, Dinesh had heard a thousand times and he was ready to fight for his cause using his brains rather than trying to use illogical, highly flawed, and emotional arguments. My favorite line was during one of the questions when he explained why he does what he does, and he stated “to show you diversity, intellectual diversity”. Diversity is sure something that is lacking at WSU, and I do not mean we do not have enough minority students I am talking about intellectual diversity, the right to have an educated opinion, but as a Conservative and a Republican in the massively Liberal/leftist/socialist/even communism college world I am not supposed to voice what I believe in. College professors look down upon you if you identify with the Right, sometimes even grade you down, publicly ridicule you, and simply try to demoralize you. How is that diverse? How come I am wrong and they are right when what I say is actually true most of the time and what most of what they preach is propaganda, outright lies, and personal attacks. I am more of a minority on campus than any person of color, I am a real Conservative, a true Republican, a freedom loving American, and I’m damn proud of it. No matter how many times I get pushed down by the Left, I will get back up and keep fighting and working hard for what I believe in. Hard work seems like an ancient phrase nowadays with freebies given out left and right, and it is time for some change - change that will make things equal for everyone.

I am so thankful that Pullman had the opportunity to see such an influential speaker and hope this is only one of many great Conservatives that will grace their presence on our campus.

I will be posting pictures and likely some more blog posts on my own blog in the next few days so check it out, here.


Susan said...

I was at the lecture on Tuesday and found it very informative. I am an Indian American like Dinesh and totally understand where he is coming from. I would ask the Americans here to look outside the country to be thankful for what you have. You do not know what the rest of the world goes through. At least you can speak up here. In Saddam's Iraq your tongue would have been cut off. Yes the minorities has suffered, but why do they keep blaming the past and do nothing. Go to school, get a degree and do something about it. The chinese in California came to work during the Gold Rush, do you see them complaining about how their ancestors were mistreated. If you look at them now, they are running successful businesses and working on top jobs. Look at the difference.

Tom Forbes said...

Thank you, Susan, for the comment! I agree completely.

Sara E Anderson said...

Ugh, D'Souza is an intellectually-dishonest whiner.

April E. Coggins said...

Sara, care to expound? Let's see your opinion and repudiation.

Tom Forbes said...

She can't. Liberals are morally and intellectually bankrupt. They have no ideas or facts of their own. All they can do is tear down other people they disagree with by namecalling.

For example, in an op-ed in tomorrow's Evergreen, D'Souza is accused of disseminating "propaganda," being an "elitist," acting "superior," "disrespecting" opposing points of view, "refusing to reason logically" and modeling "poor scholarship."

A letter in tomorrow's Evergreen claims that to to "heal from the atrocities of slavery, discrimination and institutionalized racism, we must have discussion."

Oh, brother.