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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"WSU class protests Pullman sprawl"

How unbelievably repugnant. An elitist professor bribes students who are not even from Pullman to go out and protest supposed "sprawl." They don't even know what "sprawl" really is. If those students are unhappy with the economic development that helps pay for the police, fire, streets, water, sewer, bus service, etc. that they enjoy, then they are more than welcome to run for City Council and effect a change. Perhaps they could actually even show up at a City Council meeting or Planning Commission meeting. But Bishop Blvd. is being developed in accordance with the city's Comprehensive Plan as determined by our democratically-elected representatives.

The good professor and his students are also more than welcome to purchase a lot on Bishop and build their own "sustainable" structure if they choose. Until then, they should just shut up and stop meddling in things they nothing about. These kinds if things only exacerbate tensions between the university and the town and build resentment towards students and professors.

I encourage you to register your disapproval of this agenda-advancing cheap stunt to Professor Rahmani at: arahmani@wsu.edu and WSU President Elson Floyd at floyde@wsu.edu. Let's clog their inboxes with our indignation at our town being used as some social engineering laboratory.

From Dnews.com:
A group of more than 100 Washington State University students protested building sprawl on Bishop Boulevard Thursday morning.

Enrolled in an Architecture 202 class taught by Ayad Rahmani, the students carried signs proclaiming “Stop Architorture in Pullman” and “The Show Starts on the Sidewalk.” The group’s purpose was to promote sustainable structures and growth, not haphazardly constructed strip malls and big box stores.

“There’s no cohesion,” said 21-year old WSU student Angela Congdon. “Everything is random.”

Participation in the protest was optional for the roughly 200 students enrolled in the class. Extra credit was given to students who protested, as well as those who didn’t — as long as they justified their position in writing.


April E. Coggins said...

I love this very Communist quote, “There’s no cohesion,” said 21-year old WSU student Angela Congdon. “Everything is random.”

Sorta like people, Ms. Congdon?

April E. Coggins said...

There is a saying in the South, "If we had known it was this much trouble, we would have picked our own cotton." It goes for Pullman, as well. I have always wondered how WSU would have done without Pullman.

Christopher Howe said...

This was sent:
President Floyd,

I would strongly encourage the University Administration to reprimand Professor Rahmani for using his classroom to press his ideological views on his students and our community; there are many forums for the professor to express his positions, a taxpayer funded classroom is not one of them. This is not an isolated incident, there has been a history of professors inciting students at WSU to make partisan demonstrations, for once we would appreciate concrete action from the University to ensure that this behavior does not continue and that the good name of the institution is protected.

Christopher Howe

and--in responce--I received this:
I will ask our Provost, Bob Bates, to look into the matter.

Take care.


Elson S. Floyd, Ph.D.
Washington State

I wonder how much looking will be done relative to action taken...

Tom Forbes said...

The former East Berlin wasn't "random." Everything was designed to serve the state. I'm amazed so many people jumped over the Wall to get out.

Barenjager said...

Call the auditor at 335-2001. She might be interested in this jerk's use of state resources.

Barenjager said...

Call the auditor at 335-2001. She might be interested in this jerk's use of state resources.