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Friday, March 07, 2008

Don't Liberals Claim That Our Children's Lives Won't Be As Good As Ours?

Here's proof that they're wrong - beer robots.

"While dogs have been man's loyal companion for many a era, advanced technology has made them obsolete. Thanks to Chassis, the lovable, pony keg carrying R/C beer-dispensing robot, you'll no longer need to learn the defining characteristics of Weimaraners and terriers. Instead focus on the subtle differences between your favorite IPAs, or just stare (in a drunken stupor) for hours at Chassis' blinking lights—before a friend comes by, addresses the phallic nature of Chassis' spout, and your dog has a new crap catcher for long walks."

Sorry Fido, but I don't have to spend every few days scooping my beer robot's poop in the backyard.

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Stupid PF Tricks said...

I'm not a liberal and I think our children's lives won't be as good as ours.

More specifically, I think the children of middle class (and higher) children will do fine, but the lives of children of working class and unskilled Americans will be far worse than those of their parents.

A proletarian implosion is coming and it's going to get very ugly.