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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Liberal Fascist Quote of the Day

I recognize the subject of handguns, assault weapons and repeating rifles is controversial. The term "gun control" is a buzzword that seems to shut off all rational debate and thought on the subject. These are not proper hunting weapons. They are designed to kill people - as many as possible. Personally, I feel that ownership of them by ordinary civilians should be banned. If this means amending the Constitution - so be it.
- Lenna Harding, "Gun laws should be balanced with public safety," Moscow-Pullman Daily News, March 6, 2008

Very, very scary.

1 comment:

Mattwi said...

So a Remington Model 750 Woodmaster Rifle is a legitimate hunting rifle...


But guess what, I can put a pistol grip stock and a 10+ round magazine in it and that would magically turn it into, in "there" own terms, an "Assault Rifle", simply because it has scary cosmetic features...


I guess a Mauser with a trench magazine was never meant to kill people in WW1.. I mean, how many Mauser action hunting rifles are there out there?

Lenna Logic = THE FAIL