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Monday, March 17, 2008

Flock of Moonbats Sighted in Tacoma

Byron Dazey at the "My Own Side" blog has great coverage and a photo spread from a protest to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War by “shutting down” the Armed Forces Recruiting Center at the Tacoma Mall on Saturday. It looks like the protest was a bust, with police and pro-military supporters outnumbering protesters.

Here are some pics:
The Ron Paul supporters recycle their signs and show their true colors.

This protester obviously didn't heed Matt Taibibi's admonition to "leave the fucking stilts at home."

This picture says it all for me.


Barenjager said...

Marbles. Where's Flounder with that darned box of marbles when you need him?

Ya gotta love the Marines. Even if you served in another branch, every serviceman who has worked with them has a special spot in his heart for Marines.

They may not be rocket scientist and they may not be politically correct but by God they know how to deal with idiots and they know how to get a job done.

Satanic Mechanic said...

I would love to see some USMC Drill Sergeants shouting at these hippies. After the sergeants get done with Code Pink, the hippies would be known as Code Brown!