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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Elitism Of Queen Nancy

In a lengthy article in this morning's Lewiston Tribune, Moscow's mayor answers the accusation that she's an elitist. In doing so, she proves her critics' point.

"I've read that some people say I'm a social elitist and academic snob or something. Well, forget that. I think some people think that because I have good posture and reasonable grammar."

No doubt she believes that she stands out because she has a full compliment of front teeth too. Just where the hell does she think she lives? This is a college town where nearly everybody can string complete sentences together and mostly get their spelling right.

And BTW, who believes that she voted for Ronald Reagan?

I believe that just as much as I believe Barack Obama's claim that the didn't know anything about his pastor's racism and America hating.


April E. Coggins said...

Nancy is too stupid to be a snob.

Tom Forbes said...

Here's more BS:

"Whatever this local identity is, people who live here and spend time here know what it is, but can't quite put it into words," she says. "To be sustainable doesn't mean you have to stay the same. Change is inevitable, but I don't think sprawl is inevitable. I think there are some natural resource constraints that will limit how much population growth we can sustain."

Really? Then why on her watch has the city of Moscow approved the construction of hundreds of new houses which will use millions of gallons of water a year? When they stop building houses in Moscow and the population stops increasing, then we'll know that the Queen really "worries about local groundwater."

"Sprawl" to an elitist like Nancy only means stores where the "white trash" shop.