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Friday, March 28, 2008

Urban Sprawl or Urban Decay?

So if WSU Professor Ayad Rahmani and his "volunteer" student protesters think these new developments on Bishop Blvd. represent "architorture" and "urban sprawl":

Then what do they think about this urban decay along Pullman's most traveled and visible road, Grand Avenue?:

Perhaps rather than advancing an elitist, liberal fascist political agenda, a better extra credit project would be volunteering the students' expertise/labor to refurbish/demolish these dilipidated structures, the true archictectural "eyesores" in Pullman. How about a carwash or bake sale to raise money for the Grand Avenue Greenway project?

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Barenjager said...

No fair showing those pictures of the "well planned" downtown. How dare you challenge the wisdom of a professor that's not satisfied with our community and his impressionable students who intend to shake the dust of this place off as fast as possible.