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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Your "Genius" is Showing

The oversize egos of the PARDners was on full and sickening display this past week in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

On Tuesday, Citizen Hosick wrote:
Do you ever wonder why they [Wal-Mart] have not proceeded? Certainly, in part, because it would be costly for them to begin construction and have a PARD appeal upheld in the courts. That happened to them elsewhere, and they had to "deconstruct" the store.

So while we await the next hearing, it's our responsibility to keep our eyes open to ideas for forward-looking responsible planning. There still is a chance to rewrite this Wal-Mart debacle, to the general satisfaction of the community.
Where exactly, Cynthia, has Wal-Mart been "deconstructed?" Not Chelan. The local socialists lost there. And why is it PARD's responsibility to rewrite the debacle to the "general satisfaction of the community?" Who put them in charge? Certainly not the voters of Pullman. For that matter, what public commission do the PARDners serve on? PARD speaks for only a few in the community, and are only relevant because of the legal resources of a labor union located outside of Pullman.

Even better, on Wednesday, we got to see how professor of "Justice Studies," Deirdre Sommerlad-Rogers (of "undesiable social classes" fame) is now an expert on traffic and site planning:
Other developments, such as the strip mall on southeast Bishop, are extremely ill-advised. It is built on a flood plain at the base of road banked in the wrong direction and will impair an already impacted area near the turn of a steep descent.

Our main objection, of course, is to the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter, which is of a scale and on a site that will create huge traffic problems. It is a little late for this $45,000 study to help rectify this issue; a lot of horses are already out of the barn. If done competently, there can be little doubt that without Wal-Mart, Bishop Boulevard will be a useable, attractive new shopping area.
Then there was PARDner Don Orlich tooting his own horn in Vera White's INK column yesterday:
The INKster recently heard from her old friend and fellow jazz lover Don Orlich, who had exciting news to share. The Pullman man, who retired in 1996 from Washington State University as professor of Education and Science Instruction, quickly grabbed her attention with this e-mail teaser:

"Since you have long been an 'out of the closet' Democrat, thought you might find this interesting," he wrote.

It seems a friend of Don's had opted to send copies of his book, "School Reform: The Great American Brain Robbery," to top political leaders in Congress.

The effort wasn't in vain as attested by copies of letters he's received, with "real signatures," from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In their letters, both Pelosi and Clinton expressed their gratitude for the efforts Don had put into the book.

Don joked to the INKster these were not like form letters from George Hansen, referring to Idaho's trouble-ridden seven-term Congressman. He indicated even former Lewiston Tribune editorial page editor Bill Hall would be envious, mentioning "all he has" are the late Sen. Frank Church signatures.
Oh, brother. Nothing like humility.

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