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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moscow's water use washes away your arguments

Mark Solomon, who observes the Palouse from his homestead on top of Moscow Mountain and is hopefully not ruining the views for other people said:
Big boxes and car dealerships or knowledge-based industries? Are you listening Whitman County? There's only so much water to go around.

Sure, we are listening. Why does it have to be an either/or situation? No one is trying to stop "knowledge-based industries" from locating on SR270. But that is because there is no one to stop! No one is lining up to do it. Stop with this PARD like tactic. PARD uses Target to try to stop WalMart. Moscowites (who love our tax dollars) try to stop retail development in Whitman County by using "knowledge-based industries" as a distraction.

Oh, yeah, about that water comment...
Since 1992 Moscow has exceeded their targeted water use by 763 million gallons. While during the same period Pullman has come in below their target by 644 million gallons.
Maybe if Moscow didn't hog all the water in the aquifer, we would have some for the Hawkins development.

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April E. Coggins said...

Mark Solomon has little idea of what is happening in Whitman county and Pullman. He sounds absurd when he spouts his opinions. What Solomon imagines as a "knowledge corridor" is already happening on the north end of Pullman, as we grow toward Albion and Palouse, along with the airport expansion. Pullman and Whitman county intend to develop retail and high-tech industry. We desire to have both and we don't need Solomon's or Moscow's permission.