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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hillary's Coalition of the Bribed

If you can purchase principled anti-war votes from Democrats, then it's perfectly understandable that presidential endorsements go up for auction as well.

Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president. And of course, both he and Hillary insist that it's purely coincidental that she's paying off his $400,000 campaign debt.

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack gave Sen. Hillary Clinton his endorsement for her presidential campaign.

The Clinton campaign has promised Vilsack to help pay off a $400,000 campaign debt he built up during his run for the White House.

A representative for Clinton's campaign said they are not sure how their campaign will do that. They concede that at some point, Clinton will have to contact her supporters.

The campaign said there is no connection between Vilsack's endorsement and their commitment to help pay off his campaign debt.

How stupid do these whores really think we are?

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