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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pelosi Gets the Crawford Treatment?

Code Pink is camping out on Nancy Pelosi's front lawn. The New York Times is calling it the "Crawford Treatment." What a laugh!

Here's a laugh. The New York Times is pitying poor Nancy Pelosi because she's now getting the "Crawford Treatment."

Using a tactic usually trained on the home turf of President Bush, a group of protesters from Code Pink, a women’s antiwar group, have camped in front of the home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi here, bringing their message — and mattresses — to the doorstep of the nation’s highest-ranking Democrat.

The protest, which began Sunday afternoon with dozens of demonstrators, is just Code Pink’s latest effort to engage Ms. Pelosi, who the group feels has not gone far enough or fast enough to get the troops home from Iraq.

“The point is to keep showing our dissatisfaction,” said Toby Blome, 51, a protest organizer who sported a frilly pink apron and pink skirt. “It’s hard to do on our own, but I know I speak for millions of people.”

By Monday afternoon, however, Ms. Blome was speaking for exactly three people: herself and two other tired-looking protesters. One of those was Leslie Angeline, 50, who said she had slept till about 4 a.m. outside Ms. Pelosi’s three-story red-brick home.

Interesting isn't it, when the Times declares how small the protest is, instead of grossly exaggerating the size of the protest against Bush.

In truth, Pelosi won't be getting the Crawford Treatment until the MSM, including the Times, outnumber the protestors and make the protesters the first item in the news, day after day, for months.

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