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Friday, March 09, 2007

A Bit of Perspective

From today's News Ticker in Graphic Arts Magazine:
Tribune Publishing Company, Lewiston, ID, publisher of the Lewiston Tribune and the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, broke ground this month for a 30,000-sq.ft. production facility that will be home to a three-page-wide MAN Roland Uniset 75. The new press will add more firepower to company's two-shift-a-day commercial operations and bring full color to 25,000 Tribune and 8,000 Daily News readers.
Congrats to the Alford family. Lucky for them that:

  • No "consensus building" neighborhood association didn't want the new facility built nearby

  • No aquinut felt the facility wasn't worthy enough to waste his valuable water since it wasn't a "knowledge based" business.

  • The Moscow City Council didn't file an appeal to halt construction

  • No disgruntled former printers held a panel discussion at a local university that garnered front page coverage with no chance for rebuttal.

  • No "scientist" claimed that colored ink causes impotence in ground squirrels.

  • No printers union-backed "grassroots" group collected petition signatures of people who vowed never to buy Tribune Publishing Company newspapers.

  • No local newspaper publisher bemoaned paper carriers' low wages and poor benefits without ever actually talking to anyone who worked there.
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    April E. Coggins said...

    I wonder why the Alford family didn't publish their plans in advance? Where was the public involvement in the planning and design? The article doesn't mention where this new "mammoth sized" building will be located. How can we, the public, be assured that the building will be a good fit with the surrounding community? What are the labor practices of the Tribunes suppliers? These are important questions that are being swept under the rug. What are they trying to hide?