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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Al Gore's Acolyte

Al Gore isn't the only sanctimonious liberal Democrat environmentalist who needs to cover his carbon footprints.

How many carbon offsets are required to make John Edwards new 28,000 square foot mansion "carbon neutral?" It takes quite a few I imagine. Nevertheless, he's buying them just as Al Gore does.
He does confess to a power bill of "several hundred dollars a month." Considering that his house is 20 times the size of mine and I had a couple of $200+ power bills this winter, I'm certain that he's underestimating. He probably doesn't even see his power bill, leaving that stuff to his servants.
Carbon neutrality seems to be a privilege left for the rich. I guess John Edwards was right. There really are two Americas. There's the America of those who can afford to waste the Earth's resources and the rest of us, who can't.

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