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Monday, March 12, 2007

Another Downtown Business Location Closes

According to the Daily News' business bits we are losing a downtown business location. Is it due to Wal-Mart's impending doom over Pullman? Is it due to unfair taxes? Or could it be due to the business doing what it best for itself?

Law offices change location
The firm of Snyder and Martonick Law Offices have moved to 2305 N.E. Hopkins Court in Pullman. Attorney Steve Martonick said the move was necessitated by the firm's growing need for office space. The move also is expected to benefit clients who often complained about the difficulty of finding parking downtown.
Ah, no major claims of conspiracy here. They wanted a bigger location and better parking. So they are leaving downtown. I wonder if that is why business are choosing their new location to be on Bishop Blvd rather than downtown. Yet another sign that downtown is not what it use to be. In any city. People want to park, go in the store and leave. They don't want to stroll downtown for hours. Some do, and that is why there is still a downtown. But the average person wants convenience.

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Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

What a shock that people would want convenience!