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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bank of America Is Making Me Mad!

Bank of America has just made it on my list!

You are in for a Scotty Rant here.

I have dropped different companies in the past due to them "screwing me over". My MBNA credit card company royally screwed me a few years back. I had bill pay set up to do a set payment that was more than the monthly minimum. It was a credit card I got when I was younger and had a pretty high interest rate. I accepted that. But then the federal government made the credit card companies change their minimum payment calculations so people would not stay in debt as long.

I did not know this change was made and I did not check my monthly statement each and every month, like I should have. But when I opened it up, I found that the previous month my automatic bill pay was too low for the new minimum by around thirty bucks. They then jacked my interest rate to nearly THIRTY percent. Wow, talk about me being mad! I had been a customer for nearly nine years and not only did I get a slow-pay on my credit report they jacked my interest rate sky high.

I only saw red and I quickly used my tax refund to totally pay off that account and close my account with them, TO NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! When they asked me why I was closing the account I let them know that I was mad over them jacking my interest rate to 30% after making one mistake.

So now we have Bank of America. I have been with them since 1992. I opened a Versateler account, which was an account without any monthly fees, but you had to use an ATM to do everything. I opened my statement this month and saw a $5.95 service fee. I was a little upset that I was being charged $6 on an account that was supposed to be free. I called them up.

I told them I had a Versteler Account and now I am getting charged a fee. I was told that the Versateler accounts are no longer offered and my account was switched to something else. Imagine my surprise. This is only two months after I cancelled my BOA credit card because they wanted to charge a yearly fee.

So after 15 years of being a customer of BOA, they want to charge me to use my money. That is so nice of them I am going to go close my account with them.

You can bet I am mad. All I want is for people to stop nickle and diming me to death.


Satanic Mechanic said...

I severed all ties to Bank of America after they started giving away credit cards to illegals. I too canceled my credit card and paid off the BoA loan I had on my pickup truck.

That's right Al Gore and Liberals! The Dodge, which I call the "Overlord", with the V-10 engine is paid off! Now I will run over your precious hybrids while getting 12 miles to the gallon, clubbing baby-seals and watching Fox News! (insert evil laugh)

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

I've been thinking of bailing out of my BoA accounts for some time. I'm still technically an employee of the university (junior writing portfolio program reader), so I might go for WSECU.

SVC Alumnus Blogger said...

I hear ya as a Bank of America customer - but somebody has to pay the costs of keeping the money and the infrastructure to use your money and the money of your fellow citizens.

That said, I think they should charge as little as possible and be 100% transparent!!!!

April E. Coggins said...

I have a great deal of difficulty supporting people who hide behind nicknames and then attack real people and real businesses. Why is it okay to "out" other people while hiding behind your own mask? It's very easy to accuse a business or person when there is no way for the victim to respond and no accountability for the poster.

Not very unlike yesterday when posters here complained that the war protesters wore masks.

Ray Lindquist said...

Well Jo & I pulled a some CD's we had in BofA and moved them over to WaMu. I hope that enough people will pull out over time, and it will force BofA to rethink that BAD idea.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

I doubt BoA will change course. I didn't read too far into the info I found, but by the sound of things, these practices have been going on for years now. My understanding is that Citi Group led the way.

Basically, BoA is giving these accounts to people who can produce a taxpayer ID number instead of a SS#, which many legal and illegal immigrants have. In addition, one has to be a BoA checking account holder for three months without overdrawing the account even once to qualify for the card. As it goes, then, it's not a total free-for-all.

My question then is why can't INS use these programs as "come and get me" rosters of illegals?