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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Al Gore's a Hypocrite: Part Gazillion

It seems that Al Gore has been enriching himself by through partnership in a mining operation that pours lead, mercury and copper into the environment.

Once again, Al Gore fails to live his life as he tells us we should. Although to be fair, he doesn't make enough money from polluting Tennessee to cover his own utility bills.

Al Gore has profited from zinc mining that has released millions of pounds of potentially toxic substances near his farmstead, but there is no evidence the mine has caused serious damage to the environment in the area or threatened the health of his neighbors.

Two massive white mountains of leftover rock waste are evidence of three decades of mining that earned Gore more than $500,000 in royalty payments for the mineral rights to his property.

New owners plan to start mining again later this year, after nearly four years of inactivity. In addition to bringing 250 much-needed jobs to rural Middle Tennessee, mine owners will resume paying royalties to some residents who, like Gore, own land adjacent to the mine and lease access to the zinc under their property.

I do not release any heavy metals into the environment, and so I would like to offer Al Gore my toxic waste offsets so that he can clear his conscience on this one.

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