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Friday, March 02, 2007

Nero Lives!!

The recent celebration of Washington's Birthday combined with recent Washington Democratic antics have reminded me that this state is unworthy to bear the name of the "Father of our Country."

A much more fitting name for Washington would be "Nero." Our flag color should be changed from green to red (for obvious reasons), but instead of a crossed hammer and sickle, I recommend a crossed fiddle and bow, in honor of the legendary Roman emperor.

You see, while our transportation infrastructure is crumbling as politicians bicker over a Viaduct replacement, violent felons are set loose on the street because our prisons are full, and the majority of high schoolers can't pass the WASL, our dauntless Democrats in the state legislature were busy wasting the taxpayer's time and money yesterday holding public hearings in Olympia on meaningless House and Senate resolutions calling for the investigation and possible impeachment of President George W. Bush and blocking the troop surge in Iraq.

Even Queen Christine and Senator Tennis Shoes Mom are agog over this shameless display of juvenility and petulance.

I had believed that the current Democratic supermajority in Washington's government could never be overturned in less than a decade. I may, thankfully, be proven wrong.

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