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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Chris Gregoire: International Woman of Mockery

Saw this over at Sound Politics the other day.

The February 22 issue of the distinguished magazine The Economist of London has a story on Seattle's tunnel/viaduct meltdown. In part, it reads:
The spectacle of the bulky, dark-haired Mr Nickels mud-wrestling with the diminutive, honey-haired Ms Gregoire has not been edifying. “These people are going to go down as some of the worst urban leaders in America,” comments Bryan Jones, an expert on public policy at the University of Washington. At present Ms Gregoire is coming off worse. Now in her third year in office after an election so tight that it had to be decided in court, she had gained respect as an effective legislative manager. But her ambitious education and health-care plans have disappeared in the viaduct's shadow. And the bitterness of the fight is expected to sour debate over future projects in and around Seattle, including the need to replace a vital floating bridge that carries traffic to the city's eastern suburbs.
So thanks to Gregoire and the Democrats, our state's transportation problems have made us a laughingstock around the world.

We can do better than mud-wrestlers in government.

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