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Friday, March 02, 2007

"‘PARD park’ would be wonderful"

Another great letter from Don Pelton in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
With the completion of announced developments along Bishop Boulevard, nearly all available lots along this commercial street will be occupied. Bishop Boulevard will become the “new Main Street” in Pullman. “Old Main Street” will remain home to wonderful specialty shops, restaurants, financial institutions and offices for professionals. But several area box stores each will account for more retail sales than all the retail shops along old Main Street combined.

The southward march of the city on Pioneer Hill has reached Bishop Boulevard and will likely soon “jump” over that street, the hospital, and the cemetery. Already the city is planning another east-west boulevard less than a mile south of Bishop.

Developers of residential housing likely will find the area south of the cemetery to be prime building sites. Wal-Mart will probably locate southwest of Fairmont-Cemetery Road and along South Grand Avenue.

The Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development often has expressed bitterness about the closeness of business to the cemetery. Now is the opportune time for those who wish to buffer the cemetery on the east and south sides from development to come forward. The deep pockets of PARD could be used to sponsor enlargements of the cemetery to the south or to build a park to the south and east. All of us would cheer this action as a wonderful gift to the people of Pullman to preserve the serenity of the cemetery. I think we would want to name this “green” space PARD Park, or maybe a less formal Pard’s Park.

Don Pelton, Pullman
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