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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chelan Gets It

The new pro-Wal-Mart group in Chelan has a website now. Looks like they figured out what many of us figured out a long time ago. The battle in Chelan, as in Pullman, has nothing to do with land use and everything to do with the dirty fingers of the Service Employees International Union and United Food & Commercial Workers unions.

As one commenter on GoLakeChelan.com put it:

Much of the resentment toward Wal Mart today is generated by the unions who see the loss of wealth coming into their coffers in the form of dues.

People "buy into" this union propaganda and seem to take the attitude that it is better to be unemployed and on welfare than to accept an honorable employment at Wal Mart.

The residents of Chelan are well advised to question the motives and backing of the Defenders. Do you really believe the money they have spent on "their cause" actually came out of their own pockets?

I am very pleased to see that Mike Stowe has formed a group to oppose the Defenders of Small Town Chelan. It is gratifying to see the silent majority speak out and take a stand. Let's give him and his group our support.
These liberal activists, these outsider professors, these wealthy landowners from Seattle, they must think we're a bunch of small-town rubes not to see right through what's going on. But we do.

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