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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You, Snob Style

At the same time, news arrives that a store that makes much more sense for Pullman, Target, has plans to build here. A Target...will cause far less disruption...
- TV Reed, Moscow-Pullman Daily News, November 2, 2005
Testimony was presented [from PARD] regarding a lack of social responsibility of Wal-Mart to the communities, and jurisdictions in which they locate. Suggestions of increased crime, the intrusion of undesirable social classes... were presented in great detail.
- Hearing Examiner's Decision, February 24, 2006
Cities like Boston might be the best hope for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to grow in the U.S. For the retail giant, that's a problem.

Last year, Wal-Mart's discussions about opening its first store here, in retail space that was soon to be vacated, spurred public outcry. The retailer eventually dropped its pursuit of the property. "Wal-Mart does not suit the clientele we have in the city of Boston," says Mayor Thomas Menino, explaining his opposition. "They don't pay wages that are sufficient. Their benefit structure is poor. I don't need employers like that in our city."

Mayor Menino has no such qualms about trendier rival Target Corp., which he has been actively recruiting. "It's a different image they have in how they market their product and the appearance of their stores," he says. "That's a lot to do with it, the image of the store."
- Wall Street Journal, September 25, 2006

Now here comes the instant karma....
A Haitian immigrant whose brush with a 10-year-old led to the woman's brutal beating — allegedly at the feet of the child's and the hands of three others — has spoken out about her harrowing ordeal at a Boston Target department store.

The woman, who has lived in Boston for four years, spoke to the Boston Globe Tuesday under the condition her name be withheld as she still feared for her safety.

"They all jumped on me," the woman said of the Sunday attack. "When I was on the floor, I was getting kicked by all of the girls."

Four girls allegedly jumped the woman after she refused to apologize for bumping into the 10-year-old, police spokesman Eddy Chrispin told WBZ-TV in Boston.

The suspects punched and kicked the woman, pulled her hair out and yanked her pants off, the Globe reported. The woman told the newspaper she sustained a broken finger in the attack.

The child was arraigned Monday in Boston Juvenile Court on a charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, because she kicked the woman. The three other girls — aged 14, 16 and 20 — were charged with assault and battery, the newspaper reported.
- Fox News, February 14, 2007

Yep, NOTHING is "trendier" than a roving girl gang of juvenile hooligans.

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