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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No, Thank YOU

A letter from today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
Time for PARD to back off

Thanks so much to Roger Daisley and Tom Forbes for their recent letters to the editor on behalf of Wal-Mart!

I was sure the Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development would have given up by now and let us have our Wal-Mart here in Pullman. PARD could go to Iraq, they don’t have a dictator there, and they, with their tactics and determination, could probably do a lot of good over there, in one way or another.

This is supposed to be a free country, and we need and want our own Wal-Mart here. So back off, please.

Eleanor E. Brouse, Pullman
No, thank you Eleanor for having the courage to speak out. It's not easy, I know. You possibly subject yourself to all kinds of abuse from your "intellectual superiors" on College Hill. But thanks for standing up for Pullman.

It definitely seems there has been a sea change. I can't ever remember so many people, especially ones who have never written before, writing letters that attack PARD and show their support for Wal-Mart. If nothing else, Dr. Mike Hanly now knows at least 5 more people who support Wal-Mart just from the letters alone. Let's keep it up. It makes a big difference. Wal-Mart would have never proceeded in Chelan had they not felt they enjoyed massive public support.

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