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Friday, February 23, 2007

Mixed (Up) Nuts

You may remember the union-backed radical group ACORN (appropriate name for a bunch of left-wing nuts) from the "living wage" ordinance for retailers over 90,000 square feet they pressured the Chicago City Council into passing last summer in an effort to keep Wal-Mart out of the city. Mayor Richard Daley ultimately vetoed the ordinance.

A story in today's Seattle Times provides a bit of rich irony.

Hundreds of voter-registration cards submitted as part of a drive to sign up low-income and minority voters may have been forged by paid canvassers, a King County election official said Thursday.

Problems were found with many of the 1,829 forms within a day after they were received from ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, whose canvassers have been under investigation in some other states for possible registration fraud.
That's bad enough, and shows what kind of organization ACORN is. But that's not the best part.
ACORN's Whelan said at least two paid canvassers in King and Pierce counties were fired last fall because of "quality-control concerns," but he said he had no other details about the firings.

If any registration cards were forged, he said, it would likely have been done by temporary workers "trying to pad their hours."

Most of the registration drive was conducted by 43 paid canvassers, who initially earned $8 an hour but were given a raise to $9 when ACORN needed more workers. Initials on the King County registration forms indicate they were collected by six canvassers, Egan said.
Let me get this straight then. Do we have voter fraud going on because ACORN hypocritically doesn't pay ITS workers a LIVING WAGE????? The Employment Policies Institute concludes:
ACORN may be the single most hypocritical employer in America...ACORN’s history is one of attempting to deny its employees the “living wage” it would mandate for others, seeking legal exemption from paying its employees the minimum wage increases it advocates for other businesses, being forced by the government to pay its employees overtime, completely missing wage payments to its employees, forcing its employees to operate in unsafe work environments, and busting unionization attempts of employees trying to address the preceding faults.
Or do we have voter fraud going on because ACORN is a corrupt extremist left-wing organization that will do anything to get ahead? I suspect its both.

I say it's time for the nuts to be hoisted on their own petard and roasted slowly.

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