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Sunday, February 25, 2007

WCRP Lincoln Day Dinner

A good time was had by all, and thanks are due to everyone who made it all happen.

It was good to take an afternoon and break with my usual routine to sit down to a great meal with great people. It was also good to hear directly from our elected representatives in various levels of state and national government as to how they continue to defend our individual rights and prosperity. And, as always, it was good to have some more conversation with our College Republicans, who represent the only real hope WSU has left of turning out productive citizens.

But there seemed to be something missing this afternoon: TOM! Where were you, buddy? We all missed you there today!

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Tom Forbes said...

Profuse apologies everyone. We had a family matter that required us to be out of town this weekend. I really wish I could have been there today.

Susan Fagan, the WCRP Chairwoman, informs me that the served 113 people! That's an amazing number

All of our Whitman County elected officials were there except Treasurer Bob Lothspeich.

I head the CRs did great. Anyone else that attended, please provide after action reports or pictures if you have them.