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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Workers speak out against Dole, Wal-Mart"

Now KLEW TV out of Lewiston is getting into the act.

Unlike the Daily News, at least the report mentioned PARD and its fight against a Pullman Wal-Mart and gave Wal-Mart an opportunity for rebuttal.

The only problem is apparently KLEW reporter Molly Blancett didn't actually bother showing up for the "walking tour" because she stated:
Monday night's event was part of what is being called a "Sweatshop Tour" of employees like Fuentes. The tour on the Palouse began Monday afternoon with a walk-through at the Moscow Wal-Mart.
Oops. As you know, that "walk-through" was canceled due to "bad weather."

And Pullman was where Edward R. Murrow went to school?

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