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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monday Feb 26th The PES

On The PES (90.7FM or the net www.kzuu.org) from noon to two o'clock PM, Monday, Feb 26th we will be talking about the recent taser incidents in Pullman and expand into a more broad range discussion of tasers in the use of force. I would love to hear from people and get an idea of how people view tasers. I would love to also hear if the information that is presented in the show clears things up or changes peoples' minds on tasers.

Brandon Koe is an eye witness to the taser incident and will give us an account that has not been reported.

Also I hope to hear from Tom about this evenings Dinner. I sure that was a great success! [Or perhaps from someone else who attended, as I was not able to make it (see prior post) - tf]

Give me a call on the show and lets talk tasers and the use of force, the studio line is 509.335.2207.

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