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Monday, February 26, 2007

PARD Media Circus Alert

Palousitics has learned that PARD plans to have a "press conference" at the Moscow Wal-Mart this afternoon. No doubt this is a PR stunt related to the "sweatshop" panel dicussion scheduled for tonight.

I say "planned" because obviously Wal-Mart will not allow such a press conference to be held on its property. I'm sure PARD is hoping the police will be called and then provoke a confrontation in front of reporters.

I urge the local media not to give in to this shameless media whoring by PARD. It shows how truly desperate for coverage and relevance they have become. This is all about land use laws and changing zoning procedures and the comprehensive plan, right PARDners? Everyone on the Palouse will now get a chance to see the "red roots" underneath the "grassroots." This will be great!

If you have the time, you might drop by the Wal-Mart this afternoon (I don't know the time yet) and hold PARD accountable for how they can support Target while Target also utilizes "sweatshops."

Just so we're clear on who's responsible for the "Wal-Mart Speaking Tour in Oregon and Washington Feb 19-28," it's the International Labor Rights Fund, funded by the AFL-CIO and in league with all of Wal-Mart's enemies including Wal-Mart Watch, Wake Up Wal-Mart and ACORN. Remember, "no one opposing Wal-Mart here in Pullman is funded by, or to my knowledge even a member of, a union."

Speaking of the rotten ACORN, when we last heard from them, they were submitting fradulent voter registrations in King County and not paying their employees "living wages." Now, an ACORN member is speaking about how "evil" Wal-Mart is at WSU tonight:
From the United States, Cynthia Foley is an ex-Wal-Mart dairy stock overnight worker. Cynthia was employed by Wal-Mart for 1 year in Apopca, FL. Cynthia experienced sexual harassment and even inappropriate touching by a fellow co-worker and she tried to get management to reprimand her co-worker. Instead management called Cynthia into their office on April 10, 2005 and said she no longer had a job. Cynthia is an active member of Florida ACORN with one daughter and two grandchildren.
Stay tuned for details.

UDPATE: I guess the protest was supposed to happen at 2 PM. The Moscow Police Department was called in advance to ensure that there would be no trespassing. I don't know anything else at this time.

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