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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

OUTSIDE the WIRE Movie Showing!!!

The WSU College Republicans will be having a movie showing of OUTSIDE the WIRE soon. We will let you know when and where, it's currently TBD.

This is the Iraq War you won't see on the evening news.

Former Marine and television news producer JD Johannes traveled to Iraq with his old Marine Corps unit to produce syndicated TV news reports for local stations.

From those reports comes a view of the war that only the grunts who operate outside the wire experience.

From a dust-up with Al Qaida outside Abu Ghriab, to a night raid on the home of an insurgent leader, you will see what the Marines saw and hear the story in their own words of why they joined, volunteered for the deployment, why they fight and what it is like to go outside the wire and into combat.

OUTSIDE the WIRE website!!!


Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I've now read that it's going to be on March 22nd at 7pm - is this correct?

WSUCollegeRepublican said...

No, we really don't know when we are going to do it. It's likely to be in March, but where and when has not been decided yet. One of our members recently talked to the makers of the film and it is very possible that JD, the guy that filmed and made the movie would come and talk at our school or one of the marines featured in the documentary. So hype the movie up to all your friends, and please buy a copy if you can to support them.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

I'll do what I can. So far out of the invites I've sent out, one of my roommates accepted. Not sure about the others.

It looks like the facebook posting on the event is heating up. I do have to wonder though if all of the excitement will happen there, and ultimately end up getting left there.