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Friday, February 09, 2007


This response to Uncle Buck in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News made me laugh out loud!:
Watch your step

Reading James M. Krueger’s letter to the editor, “Wal-Mart will devastate Pullman,” (Opinion, Jan. 27 & 28), I was reminded of President Harry S. Truman’s story of the congressman running for election in a district with a large Native American population. He went out to the reservation on the occasion of a powwow and was taken by a tribal elder to the rodeo grounds where a large crowd was gathered.

The congressman gave his standard speech and was delighted by the response from his audience. “Oompah! oompah!” the crowd chanted after each campaign promise, so he went longer than planned. After one final “oompah” his host stepped up, thanked the congressman and said he’d accompany him back to his car.

As they crossed the grounds near the holding pens for the rodeo stock, the congressman spoke of the enthusiasm voiced by his audience. “Yes, yes,” his host said. “Oh, careful, don’t step in that oompah.”

Dick Fry, Pullman

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