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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Important Announcement

I'm extremely excited to announce that long-time Lewiston Tribune weekly opinion columnist Michael Costello has joined Palousitics as a contributor. Michael lives in Pullman and is a Research Technician at WSU.

I am a big fan of Michael's. He destroys pompous liberals effortlessly with his superb stinging prose. And I can't think of any other writer, local or national, with whom I agree so often.

Michael frequently writes on Pullman and Washington issues. He also has very strong opinions on the War on Terror. Hopefully, being on Palousitics will give his writing the exposure on the Palouse it deserves.

Let's all welcome Michael!


Scotty said...

EEK! Sounds like I am going to be out of my league.


Dale said...

Congrats! That's a coup for you!

Who am I going to find in Moscow that's a Michael Costello to have as a co-blogger!?!?

Tom Forbes said...

Scotty, out of your league? Never! We all look forward to your insights into the world of local law enforcement, as well as the occasional Scotty-Rant!

Dale, how about Joan Opyr? I understand she has a blog. ;)