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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Seems a Little Early for April Fools

This letter appeared in last Thursday's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
Thanks for the clean campaign

As the old year ends, we would like to thank the Whitman County voters for turning out in record numbers in the recent off-year election.

The Whitman County Democrats and the 9th Legislative District had three young, committed, energetic candidates: Caitlin Ross for Position 1, 9th LD; Nathan Weller for county commissioner; and Nathan Horter for county auditor. These candidates ran clean, knowledgeable campaigns with relatively small campaign coffers. They worked hard, pounded the pavement, met lots of folks at events around the county and beyond and made many friends. They made strong inroads and thank you for your support. They are an inspiration to everyone who has given up on the “younger” generation.

We also congratulate their Republican opponents.

Our sign wavers, on street corners, had a great time bantering with their counterparts. It was part of the experience, exposure and fun. We also are pleased that there was very little sign vandalism in this campaign. We thank all who demonstrate “freedom of speech” in this and countless other ways.

The greatest thing about democracy in America is that it takes us all to make it work. Thanks to each of you who participated in any way.

We hope in the new year and beyond all of you will commit to the Whitman County tradition of active citizenship.

Carolyn Cress, chairwoman, Jacob DeGraaff, vice chairman, Whitman County Democrats
Are they serious? I guess if no one else will pat you on the back, might as well do it yourself. Man, these liberals have no shame.

"Ran clean, knowledgeable campaigns with relatively small campaign coffers?" Someone please tell that to Eunice Coker. She was outspent three-to-one by Nathan Horter and she was blamed in the newspaper from everything to covering up misconduct by a public employee to gross malfeasance.

"Our sign wavers, on street corners, had a great time bantering with their counterparts?" Oh, you mean the one that allegedly assaulted Bryan Burke? The type of "democracy" demonstrated by the vicious lies about Cathy McMorris put forth by those sign wavers might be free speech, but it is the kind of negative campaigning that turns people off from participating in the democratic process.

At least they congratulated their Republican opposition, because as usual, the local Dems had their butts kicked again. As long as people like Cress are at the helm, that will continue to be the case.

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