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Sunday, January 07, 2007

'Minuteman supporters protest at Columbia University"

A story from the Associated Press:
Several immigration control activists protested outside of Columbia University on Thursday, calling on the school to punish students who interrupted an October speech by the founder of the anti-illegal immigration Minuteman Project.

Jim Gilchrist had to cut short a speech at the school October 4 after students from a campus club, the Chicano Caucus, climbed on stage with banners denouncing the California-based group.

"We want these students expelled," said Joanna Marzullo, president of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, a lobby group. "The violence cannot be ignored."

A videotape of the fracas shows students shouting and tussling with Minuteman supporters, but there didn't appear to be any violence.

The Minuteman Project is a civilian organization that patrols the border with Mexico looking for illegal immigrants to turn over to authorities.

The university, whose spring semester doesn't begin until January 16, had no comment on the protest and referred to a December 22 statement by its president, Lee Bollinger, that stated students involved in the disruption could face disciplinary measures and that people unaffiliated with the school would be barred from campus.

University officials would not reveal how many students it has identified as breaking school rules during the incident, but said a dean will decide the punishment for those that did.

The Chicano Caucus has said it did not interfere with anyone's right to free speech and denied anyone attacked Gilchrist.
Wonder if we will see any similar demonstrations here against WSU's failure to punish John Streamas?

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