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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Income Tax, Now Socialized Medicine

HB 1071 - Concerning access to health care services for children

The Democrats in Olympia are proposing free health care for all children in Washington. Sounds great, but there is no mention of how it's going to be paid for or how much it will cost. Remember, this would be on top of big new proposed spending on education. Washington will go from big surplus to big deficit overnight. No wonder they want an income tax.

I knew the Rats would go crazy with the unfettered power. If Queen Christine doesn't rein them in a bit, she'll be a one-term wonder and we'll be looking at Dino as Governor in 2008.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

Echoes of Bubba Clinton's past. His first term he made a program for free innoculations for all children. Sounded great on paper. One third of the shots/vaccines/serums mysteriously dissapeared. Not many people remember or heard of this story.
How does this impact us residents of the People's Republic of Washington you ask? I can see a lot of fraud with this program and overuse. People will be bringing in kids all the time for a sniffle. The doctors will be giving out tons of anti-biotics, the kids will have no real immune system and they will grow up to be hypochondriacs (sp).
Look at the failure of Canadian Healthcare. Some of my co-workers are from Canada and they have told me how people abuse the system.