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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"PARD is ‘anti-Wal-Mart’ club"

Here's some free advice for Professor Thomas Vernon Reed, Ph.D: Don't write any more smug, bitter, condescending letters to the editor like your most recent one. In fact, I suggest not writing anything at all. I can't recall so many people, many of whom have never written to the paper before, jumping in to denounce PARD. The latest from today's Daily News:
I find PARD’s name choice to be questionable? Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development. Let’s be honest, they are just an anti-Wal-Mart club. Which is fine. They are voicing their opinion, and that is what this country is all about. But responsible development in Pullman?

Let’s see, I have two locations to buy my hand-blown glass bongs; I can venture downtown for a tattoo and, soon (oh, boy), to sell my plasma; and I can get my adult toys without having to wait to go online and have them delivered. Well, while I’m making my shopping choices I see my fridge is empty. Got to go, I am heading to Costco in Clarkston and Winco in Moscow.

Thanks PARD for your oversight of Pullman!

Chris Tennant, Pullman
Chris Tennant, by the way, is the commander of the Pullman Police Department. I can't wait to see the good professors start to attack him for being a "fanatical Wal-Mart advocate" and a "Wal-Mart groupie."

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1 comment:

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

That bit about the glass bongs coming from the Chief of Police is pure comedy. I was laughing for a good five minutes after I read who it was that penned this letter. :)