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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stick It to The Man

The Daily Evergreen had a story yesterday about how the WSU Young Democrats staged a demonstration on the Glenn Terrell Mall to support abortion on the 34th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision Monday.

Now, the Young Democrats had every right to stage such a demonstration. I do not propose to get into a debate over abortion (even though I'm personally very much against it). That's not my point. But I need some clarification:

  • The College Republicans were called "racists" last November by many groups on campus because they supported a border fence to control illegal immigration. Did anyone call the Young Democrats "baby killers" for supporting abortion?

  • Were the Young Democrats "warned by members of the Executive Board of ASWSU and other individuals that their demonstration would trigger passionate and angry feelings?"

  • Was there, in fact, any anger shown at all towards the Young Democrats? Any violence? Any threats of violence? Any CES Gestapo officers demanding papers? Any profanity or racial epithets by faculty members who got "carried away in the heat of the debate?"

  • Did President Rawlins state publicly that "We want to encourage the young people that if they're really interested in constructive dialogue, perhaps the best way to start it is not to do something quite as bold and offensive?"

  • Did the Evergreen run a front page story on WSU College Republicans President Kiley Smith's appearance before 1.637 million national TV viewers the way they did with the Young Democrats abortion demonstration, or, for that matter, provide ANY front page coverage of the WSU College Republicans at all?

  • The answer, of course, to all these questions is "no." I'm sure the WSU YD's have looked on with great envy as the WSU CRs have gained repeated national news exposure. Perhaps this abortion demonstration was an effort on their part to be a little "edgy" or hope for some kind of conflict that would make the news. Please. Supporting abortion on a college campuses these days is about as newsworthy as the sun rising in the east every morning. The Young Democrats were just parroting the same old boring, politically correct party line of the liberal orthodoxy.

    Lo, how The Left hath fallen. Once upon a time, they bucked the establishment on college campuses and changed the world. Now, they ARE the establishment. You can't be a radical when you agree with everything that your professors and the administration are espousing. I've said it before: conservatism and individualism are the new counterculture. That's why I would much rather be a College Republican sticking it to The Man than a Young Democrat preaching to the choir.

    I can't wait to see what the CRs have planned for this semester.


    Sarcastic Housewife #1 said...

    You ought to read the "Abandoned Generation." It is about the mess the radcials who reside on campus are now in partially, because they are having to deal with many students who expect and like structure. It was written about 10 years ago, but is still very applicable.

    WSUCollegeRepublican said...

    As a WSU College Republican I can tell you that we do have things planned. Will this semester be bigger than last semester? To answer that... I would have to ask a liberal if they are going to throw rocks instead of calling us racist, but we do have some very interesting things planned. We probably will not make it in the Evergreen, but who needs that when we have personal contacts at FOX, KREM, Moscow-Pullman Daily news and a few others. Thank you for your support, the WSU College Republicans will not let you down this semester.