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Monday, January 22, 2007

The REAL Defenders of Small Town Chelan

From GoLakeChelan.com:

No matter how you measure them - those are BIG CHECKS that those folks are holding.

They were part of a ceremony at Walmart Friday as the store held a reception for Employee's and families and invited representatives of several community organizations to come and tour the store too.

Walmart used the opportunity to hand out what store manager Aaron Evans called 'grants' to several community organizations which Walmart wants to make a statement of support.

The checks totalled $42,500 with the Lake Chelan Teen Center and the Chelan Senior's Center each getting $10,000, Chelan Fire Department $7,000, Washington Apple Education Foundation $7,500, Chelan High School $3,000, and Chelan Grade School $1,000.
The "Defenders" of Small Town Chelan claimed they raised some $15,000 to try and keep Wal-Mart out. What good did that money do for Chelan? It is now lining the pockets of the Seattle attorneys they hired.

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